Berrima BR1200 Henty machine of the year

Published September 30, 2012 11:21

The prestigious Henty machine of the year was awarded to Berrima Engineering for the BR1200 hayrake for the ground breaking design and quality engineering that has made it the only 12 metre rollerbar rake on the market

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  • We have three farms with sandy soils.
    We were using a finger tyne V rake on our irrigated Lucerne and dry land hay crops but found we were raking a lot of sand into the windrows. So in 2007 we purchased a Berrima B1000 Roller Bar V Rake.
    It was a dream to operate and it did not rake sand into our windrows.
    We were so impressed with this machine that after 5 years, in October 2012, we traded that rake in on another fully hydraulic BR1000.
    With this upgraded rake we don't have to get off the tractor seat to adjust raking and windrow widths, it can all be done on the go by operating a control box in the tractor cab, making the job much easier . It is also easy to tow behind a ute when shifting between farms.
    Backup and after sales service by Martin Morona is excellent and we would happily recommend these rakes to anybody.

    Michael, David & Mathew Lewis
    Shadamah Farms, Tintinara. S.A.