They are a lot more versatile and capable than I thought possible, a true credit to the design and engineering that has gone into their manufacturing.
We have had a tremendous hay season so far and it would not have been possible without the capacity, sturdiness and ease of use of the rake. Raking has gone from being a chore to one of delight.

Credi Schulz: Molong, NSW

We have three farms with sandy soils.
We were using a finger tyne V rake on our irrigated Lucerne and dry land hay crops but found we were raking a lot of sand into the windrows. So in 2007 we purchased a Berrima B1000 Roller Bar V Rake.
It was a dream to operate and it did not rake sand into our windrows.
We were so impressed with this machine that after 5 years, in October 2012, we traded that rake in on another fully hydraulic BR1000.
With this upgraded rake we don't have to get off the tractor seat to adjust raking and windrow widths, it can all be done on the go by operating a control box in the tractor cab, making the job much easier . It is also easy to tow behind a ute when shifting between farms.
Backup and after sales service by Martin Morona is excellent and we would happily recommend these rakes to anybody.

Michael: David & Mathew Lewis , Shadamah Farms, Tintinara. S.A.

The 2011 silage season was extremely wet and difficult and in the first few days I knew our old rakes couldn’t handle the task of turning heavy wet swaths. After some extensive research I was convinced that the Berrima V rake was the answer and a quick purchase was made of a BR800. 
After 2 seasons and 6000 rolls I can honestly say the rake has exceeded my expectations it is truly a rake that will rake anything anywhere any time! The BR800 is easy to use with all controls in the cab, almost silent in operation and fast enough to stay in front of 2 JD 468 balers all day with only 2 windrows head start. The shape of the rolls improved noticeably because of the uniform shape of the windrows with the baler drivers commenting on how easy it was to bale compared to other rakes windrows, whether for hay or heavy silage.
Clearly Berrima Engineering take great pride in their products as build quality and attention to detail is first class and the back up and set up advice from Berrima Engineering has been way beyond what you get from imported machinery. This rake is the only piece of farm machinery I have purchased that has exceeded my expectations in every way.

Tim Crimp: JS Crimp & co , Rosa Glen W.A.

This year we purchased a 17t Berrima Rice Chaser Bin to help with our rice harvest. Leading up to purchasing our bin the staff at Berrima engineering were extremely informative, helping with any questions or concerns we had. All members strived to ensure the sale was straight forward and stress free. This included the delivery of the bin, Martin went out of his way to ensure the bin was working perfectly from the beginning.
During harvest it was clear the bin was made of high quality build and finish. We had no problems at all. The bin operated smoothly and the fast unloading speed kept our harvest running continuously and efficiently. Many involved with the harvest and those who saw the bin commented on the design, presentation, build quality and unloading speed.
In the future we hope to deal with Berrima engineering again. The standard and quality of the bin is outstanding, it is packed with top features at a very competitive price, a leader in the market.
Thankyou for providing us with the great chaser bin.

Will Wragge: Manager, Tulla Pastoral Company’ Deniliquin NSW