Our Story

Berrima Engineering is a Australian owned and operated company that specialises in the design and manufacture of rollerbar hay rakes and other agricultural products with custom design our specialty.

After the formation of Berrima Engineering in 1992 there has been three successive ranges of rollerbar hay rakes produced since the first prototype.

All our machines incorporate strength, simplicity and easy of operation, with the gentle clean action only a rollerbar can give.

From the B24 in 1994 to the B800 and 1000 to the current BR range and our range of chaser bins, Berrima has been at the forefront of design and innovation in the hay rake arena and beyond, winning multiple awards over the years. Most importantly Berrima Engineering build reliable machines to make your operation profitable. 

The BR1200 prototype was put to work  and is setting new standards for the industry as the largest roller bar rake produced.

Berrima engineering prides itself on producing quality state of the art products, this is why our staff are also given the opportunity to operate the machines they build, so they can contribute to design and they have great pride in what they build hence we never stop looking at ways to improve the designs and features on our machines to best suit your needs. Being a "hands on" company we attend as many field days and demonstration days as possible and are willing to respond to interest shown. Berrima engineering also values the relationship it has with its customers as that is the best source of feed back for our products and service, we realise that keeping our customers happy is vital to the future of our company.