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2 into 1

Allows fodder to be moved onto dry ground for quick drying. Ideal for large volume fodder and smaller paddocks.


2 into 2

Create 2 windrows that are close together to allow fast drying with smaller windrows. Allows final raking to be 2 into 1 as seen on left.


3 into 1

For faster operation and covering more ground, highly advised to be done with hydraulic splitter option to move center windrow.

Snapshot 3.jpg

4 into 1

Only possible on our larger models, moves four mower cuts onto dry ground. Creates large windrows for forage harvesters and high capacity balers.

Number of mower cuts to rake

Information presented in this graph is for mower windrow widths of 1.5 metres. If your mower width is between the mower widths, use the larger value.

Hydraulic Splitters

When a windrow needs to be split, the Berrima hydraulic splitters get the job done right. Fitted with powerful hydraulic motors and easy adjustment, there aren't many windrows they can't tear apart.

They can be pitched forward and backward to change how far the windrow is thrown.

Berrima Hydraulic Splitter
Flipping 1 Windrow
Flipping 2 rows
Offset Raking
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