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Award Winning Hay Rakes

With more than 25 years of experience in the hay industry, Berrima Engineering knows what is required in the hay rake arena.We have developed machines and constantly innovating to make your operation efficient and dependable.

Berrima hay rakes are the best value for money hay rakes on the market and outweigh competitors in strength, performance, versatility and reliability.

Berrima roller-bar Hay rakes are designed and manufactured here in Australia, built strong enough for tough conditions so that they can deliver years of trouble-free raking.

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Award Winning Hay Rakes

From ground breaking BR1200 Idler system to the latest innovation for Berrima Engineering of the BRX1400 and  BRX1600. We are constantly looking to innovate to meet our customers needs.


Aggressive Basket Pitch

The Berrima Engineering roller bar system allows easy adjustment to the pitch of the baskets. Baskets can be pitched up to prevent roping in silage conditions or pitched down to create tight windrows for windy conditions.

Finger Tip Controls

With a simple and reliable control system, operating a Berrima hay rake is a breeze. Adjustment can be made on the go for raking width, basket angles, windrow width, basket height without leaving the tractor seat.


Perfect Windrow Every Time

With the extensive flexibility of our machines, enables the operator to set up to your fodder  conditions to make the perfect windrow for balers and foragers.

They are a lot more versatile and capable than I thought possible, a true credit to the design and engineering that has gone into their manufacturing.We have had a tremendous hay season so far and it would not have been possible without the capacity, sturdiness and ease of use of the rake. Raking has gone from being a chore to one of delight.

Credi Schulz: Molong, NSW


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