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Multi-Ted 12-6

The Multi-Ted 12-6 is a machine specifically designed to improve drying times and hay quality. Developed working closely with hay producers, the Multi-Ted 12-6 focuses on gently splitting and moving the windrow where current tedders damage delicate fodder crops with their high rotation speed.

Based off the tried and proven Berrima Hay Rake Splitters, the Multi-Ted 12-6 rotors have a larger diameter with increased number of tyne arms that rotate at a slower speed, resulting in gentle material handling. However if the material needs to be thrown like a conventional tedder, the rotor speed can be easily increased to achieve this.

Telescoping wings allow the Multi-Ted 12-6 to adapt to varying windrow spacing for optimal performance.

Comes standard with lock-out system for peace of mind when transporting. 

Each rotor has 3 axis of adjustment for different fodder types.

Larger centre rotors allow for a tractor to fit between split windrows.

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